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5 Ways to Avoid Using Personal Language In Essay Writing

Is English not your native language?

Are you struggling to avoid usage of personal language?

Well! You are not alone, there are plenty of students who face this issue whenever they write a college essay examples. Essays assignments are very common in school, college and universities. Students cannot ignore them whether they like essay writing or not they have to do their essay writing assignments.

Learning how to write without using personal language can be a tough task. It is quite tricky to choose an alternative to clauses. But there are a lot of ways to state your views without using personal language. Here are some important points that you should keep in mind to avoid personal language usage.

Stay Formal, Use Third Person Point of View

Common mistake college students make is using personal pronouns. In academic writing, make sure you are using formal language, your tone is formal, and avoid using personal pronouns. Never refer to yourself with “I”, “me” in academic writing. Avoid using the second person’s point of view as well i.e. referring the reader with “you”. Instead, you can directly refer to the subject matter in the third person.

For example; replace “I think college essays should not be a part of the admission process” with “college essays should not be part of the admission process.”

Avoid Informal Expressions

Because of the extreme usage of social networking and instant messaging application, an informal expression like slang words and colloquialisms have become a part of our writing style. They can be used in common writing style but they are not appreciated in formal academic and professional writing. Use objective and formal language instead of informal expressions.

It is very common to use slang without realizing, so check your essay carefully for informal language and make sure you review your essay 2 or 3 times at least, once you are done writing.

Use Strong Adjectives and Verbs

Adjectives can help you enhance the meaning of your noun and college essay writing service. They help you describe or modify your noun i.e. a wooden boat, a cute bunny, an obnoxious person etc. There are a lot more adjectives that you can use to improve your writing. Find some strong, specific keywords to write an impressive essay.

Similarly, take some time to think or find strong verbs. Try to use specific verbs instead of adverbs or simple verbs. Try to replace “to be” verbs like “is”, “am”, “was”, “were”, “are” with strong verbs. For example, instead of saying, “As I was reading the scientific research papers, I realized that they are based on facts and figures.” Say “Scientific research papers are based on facts and figures.”

Use Passive Voice

It is always preferred to write in an active voice but it is better to use the passive voice to emphasize an action without naming yourself. Use the passive voice to map out your argument or describe a process.

Active and passive voice, both have their own impact on writing. At some point passive voice works better for example: instead of writing “I will prove” write “It will be clear that”. Similarly, in some sentences it is better to use active voice instead of passive voice for example: In a scientific paper instead of writing “the sample was tested” write “I tested the sample”

Avoid “You”

It is very natural to refer to the reader with “college essay” when you make a realization in conversation. For example: “if you don’t follow the rules, you’ll get into big trouble”. But it is safe to use formal generalization instead of “you”. To avoid the usage of a personal language, replace “you” with “the reader”, “one”, or “the viewer”.

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